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About Us

About Scholars Valley

Scholars Valley is a Play School offering a modern education with traditional values and social structure. Everything at Scholars Valley is designed to provide the best possible care for your child, in a safe and loving environment.

About Chairman

The Scholars Valley system of education is so real, so close to life that it prepares and grooms children for all kinds of challenges in life. Scholars Valley approach is well researched, universally accepted, scientific and highly effective system of educating and nurturing young children. It helps each child to obtain his full potential by emphasized learning through all five senses during his most crucial (Birth to 6) skill development years.

"Education is the most lethal weapon, because with it you can change the world". Scholars Valley believes in the same to fulfil the responsibility of producing enlightened youth capable of trackling the fast changing scenario of the world. A child is like a bud and need to be nurtured carefully so that he/she can bloom. Each child is gifted in a particular way and we focus on helping the child to discover his/her talent.

Mr. Rajeev Kumar
Chairman, Scholars Valley

About Principal

Dear Parents,
It brings me great pleasure to reach out to you, and partner with you on this journey of enabling excellence in education. I firmly believe teaching is one of the most sacred professions. It has been truly an awe inspiring journey being a part of the most reputed organization. Scholars Valley school serving children across the India and it has attained tremendous height in providing children the best system of education.

Scholars Valley is an unaided Play-Way School is blessed by virtue of treading hallowed path of assisting, mentoring and nurturing children to face real challenges of life full on with beaming smiles.

The most striking feature of our Scholars Valley Play School is the focus on thought process and de-emphasize rote learning so as to enable each one to become life-long learner. I truly believe Scholars Valley Play School is gate way to infinite world of educational excellence.

Mrs. Sumedha Mathur
Principal, Scholars Valley