Live Camera

Safety Measures


  • All cameras are in operation 24 hours a day and seven days a week, they are located throughout the play school which includes the entrance gate,indoor and the outdoor area.

Fire Hazard Safety

  • All floors are equipped with wet and dry fire extinguishers as well as a fire hose if an emergency was to arise. The basement is covered with water sprinklers in the event of a fire where all safety measures are certified.

Beam Detectors

  • We have taken extreme measures when it comes to children’s safety by installing beam detectors of the periphery of our school to ensure that no intruder can access our premises without being noticed. Each area is also covered by CCTV cameras which are on view 24x7.

Agency Staff

  • All maids, housekeeping, guards and drivers are employed through a repudiated company/agency. The agency goes through a strict process to make sure all staff are suitable for the play school standards.This process involves; checking their home background, experience with in the same field, references from previous employers and finally training them to today’s standards.

Webcam Facility

  • Our webcam facility is provided to all parents on request, parents can view the classroom of their children